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Whether you are selling a product or a service, certain rules will help you achieve better sales. This applies to selling through social media as well.
1. Number one and this is the most important one. Make sure that the product or service you are selling solves a problem for your potential customers. You would not try to sell peanuts to someone who is terribly allergic to them. Make sure you choose your target audience carefully. If you are selling on your social media, then make sure that your followers are those who are interested in what you have to offer from the very beginning.
2. Always explain what precisely the person is getting. Be honest and transparent. People need to know exactly what they are paying for.
3. Be honest about your pricing. There is nothing worse for your reputation than hidden costs. If you have chosen your target market and your price point correctly – they will buy.
4. Talk about your USPs and your added value. Tell them what makes your product special, why it is better, and what little extras they will receive if they buy from you.
5. It has been proven that a sense of urgency is an excellent tool for sales. However, be careful with this one. You need to be honest, i.e., don’t tell them that their special price is this week only, and then continue with it next week. There is also a fine line between urgency and being pushy. You know your target audience best, so you need to establish where that line lies.
6. Of course, not everyone in your target audience will need your product/service. Talk exactly who can benefit from purchasing from you and explain why.
7. Show them the results that they can achieve if they purchase from you. You can supply them with your case studies, reviews, or before/after images.
8. Tell them exactly what they will achieve with your product or service. You can talk about how it will help buyers achieve their dreams or long-term goals.

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