Was wir tun

Was wir tun

Secure & Reliable Email For Business or Personal Use

Secure and Reliable Email

Whether it’s for running a business or just keeping-up with friends and relatives, email remains the most popular way to communicate digitally. We can be prone to take it for granted – until something goes wrong. 

Email accounts that won’t let you down 

Our email is based on the latest technologies, with security and privacy being central to everything we do. By keeping you secure, we keep a positive reputation with email service providers, so you never need to worry about your emails going to the ‘junk’ folder. 


Hosted Email Features

Keeping you in touch, anywhere 

Whether you want to use a simple and fast browser-based user interface, or dedicated apps like Outlook, we’ve got you covered. Access your email anywhere, on any device. 

Keeping you fast and online 

With some providers, if the servers for websites get busy or fail, it can affect your email too. We store our email services on entirely separate, fully redundant servers – so you’ll always get your mail. 

Keeping you safe 

We have multiple levels of security. Emails are scanned for viruses automatically at the network level to help prevent any unwanted programs getting on your device. 

Keeping you free from email spam 

We use sophisticated scanning techniques to scan the content of emails to filter unwanted email. We also use global email deny-lists to give you an extra level of privacy. Finally, we have fully-configurable allow- and deny-lists that you can use filter-out messages – or let in messages that might otherwise be blocked. 

Keeping a great reputation 

We don’t allow our customers to send out mass marketing emails to thousands of users, in order to keep our reputation safe. Service providers like AOL, BT, Google and Microsoft love us! 

 Keeping you confident of delivery 

We use SPF to protect your domain’s reputation and DKIM to authenticate your messages. This means that you can always be certain that your email has arrived in the recipient’s inbox. 

 Keeping you in control 

Our email includes all the features you’d expect, like email forwarding to another address, ‘out of office’ messaging, signatures and as much storage as you need. It’s fast and easy to migrate your current email accounts to us. 


Warum mit uns arbeiten?

Vertrauen von Kunden weltweit!

Craig Morfett Designs wurde ins Leben gerufen, um sich von der Norm abzuheben. Wir begeistern uns für IHR Projekt und diese Leidenschaft treibt uns an, den Erfolg Ihres Unternehmens voranzutreiben. Wir sind ein starkes Team mit einer großen Kundenfamilie und drängen darauf, die Art und Weise, wie digitale Unternehmen arbeiten, zu verändern und viele kostenlose Lösungen anzubieten … wenn Sie wachsen, wachsen wir …. So einfach ist das!


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Wir denken immer mobil!

Das Design einer mobilen Website ist unabdingbar. Wieso den? Weil mobile Geräte die Art und Weise, wie wir uns verbinden, und damit die Art und Weise, wie Unternehmen arbeiten, revolutioniert haben. Tatsächlich kommen über 80% des Webverkehrs von mobilen Geräten.