It Is Not Just About The Looks

Many people associate design with things being pretty. In web design, it is, of course, the case, but it is not just that. It is a big part of it, but without other important factors, no matter how pretty it is, it will not get you to your end goals. Good web designers are aware of these things and will naturally concentrate on them. However, if you would like to start off with making your website yourself have a look at a few things to consider while building it:
✅ Make sure it fits within your brand. That includes matching color schemes, fonts, images, layouts, content, goals, and of course the overall style (e.g. formal, relaxed, funny, etc.)
✅ Make sure it is easy to use on any device. We will never get tired of saying that the website has to be easy to use for your customers. It also has to be pleasant to use and if your customer makes a mistake it has to be easy for them to come back to their previous step.
✅ It has to be loading fast, as this will affect not only your users’ satisfaction but also your rating on search engines. Be careful with the images you use and adjust their sizes. Also, be careful with the plugins. They are easy to use but install too many of them and your website will slow down.
✅ Make sure your customers can access the information they need. Place the most important information in “hot spots” so it captures the eye. Where possible make HTML text available and pay attention to responsivity on different devices.
✅ Make sure that your customer’s journey is designed to fit with your goals. Basically think of what is the goal you want to achieve and what will be the last page your customer lands on in case it is achieved (Normally it could be a thank you page). Then go through each step of where he/she lands first, second, etc. The journey might even start on Google or one of the social media channels. In that case, you need to adjust for that as well.
Whether you have a website and you are unsure if your design is up to date or if you need consultation on how to build it, contact us and we will be able to walk you through it.

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