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We believe that ethics in web design is essential. Ethics in general is important in any personal relationship or business. It is quite a philosophical topic that we could talk about for hours, however, we just want to quickly explain why we follow the ethical web development guidelines.
The difference between art and design is that art is pretty and it could potentially solve a problem. The design has to be pretty and HAS to solve a problem. As website designers we have to make important decisions, such as what problems to solve, for whom, and how. We also need to ask ourselves how what we create will affect self-perception, acceptance, inclusivity, and interpersonal relationships.
You probably have faced unethical designs when you discovered hidden costs that suddenly pop up, or very important information written in tiny letters or hidden in a way so that you don’t notice it, or buttons that make you press OK to cancel and press CANCEL to agree. All of these things are examples of unethical design. They are created to deceive and that is not acceptable in our eyes.
When we work on our projects we always think of an end-user. He/she is as important to us as our happy client. We take projects that we want to work on, we make our projects work for everyone and everywhere, we respect a user’s privacy and security and we are considerate of our peers.
We love creating, but creating responsibly is a whole other level of customer care. We want to make our client’s customers happy because better business creates better business.

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