We are not just building websites, we create business experiences for our existing and potential clients. That is why we provide you with useful information about the world of business, both digital and offline. We dig out interesting facts that are entertaining and useful. We believe in the power of community and by surrounding ourselves with other aspiring business owners we are creating a better world.

I do not live in the U.S. or the U.K. Can I still hire you?2019-10-07T14:46:15+00:00

YES! We work with people from all over the world. FACT! Even if you are on a tiny little island in the middle of an ocean we will work with you. We will arrange Skype (Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Phone Call) meetings at a convenient time for you according to your time zone. If the project is big enough and requires a personal meeting we will fly out to you. 

Our perspective on this is that the world is becoming smaller and it really doesn’t matter anymore where you (or we) are located. The goal of modern IT is to erase borders and we are on board with that. 

P.S. If you do not speak English very well please let us know beforehand via a message or an email and we will find a solution. We want you to feel comfortable throughout the whole process of your website built.

I don’t know what kind of website I want. How can you build a website without any guidelines?2019-10-07T14:45:17+00:00

If you have ever found yourself in a position when you know you need a website, but you don’t really know what is it exactly that you need, how it is going to work and how it is going to look? 

For us it is not an issue! We have a lot of experience working WITHOUT A BRIEF. That means that you just need to tell us about your business, your goals and your future plans. We would also like to talk about your customers and the overall character of your brand. If you are a start- up we can even through some inspirational ideas at you. That is it. We then go back to our comfortable offices and design a draft for you. 99% of our customers love it from the first sight. The other 1% is asking for some changes, which is also not an issue at all. 

If you are still reading this, you might wonder how we can work without a brief? We have spent quite a bit of time to create a unique team of professionals with different kinds of skills. We all work together to create the perfect product for you. We have people who are creative and can design pretty much anything. We have heavy coders, that help us stay realistic and think of the functionality and future amendments. We have designers who will guide us through the different color palettes and we have photographers that will tell us off if the picture was not laid out correctly, and so on…

Working without a brief is not an easy task, but it saves our clients time and hassle, so that they can concentrate on growing their business, while we create their online home for them.

Can I have an Eco Friendly Website?2019-10-07T14:44:10+00:00

Humanity has finally realised that the way we do things need to be changed and improved in order to save the planet. We believe that as a web studio we need to do our part as well. So how can websites be sustainable? 

On average viewing a web page generates about 20 mgs of CO2 per second on desktop computers. This number goes up to about 300 mgs per second when viewing a website with complex media files. Watching movies through a rich media web page for a couple of hours could generate around 1kg of greenhouse gases. That doesn’t sound like much, but with a billion page views here and there it begins to add up

Here is what we do to tackle the issue: 

  1. All our websites are mobile friendly and responsive. Viewing a website on mobile device leaves a smaller CO2 footprint. 
  2. We are in the process of swapping our servers to the ones that only use renewable energy 
  3. We make sure our websites work fast and users are able to find what they need to find as quickly as possible. 
  4. We do not have physical offices as we work with people all over the world. No need to use a car for travelling, no need for physical paperwork, etc. 
  5. Our coders and designers are working as one unit 
  6. Clever SEO is a part of being eco-friendly as, again, it takes less time for the user to find information that he/she is looking for.
How Important is the Design of my website?2019-10-07T14:41:03+00:00

Visual design is not just an added value to the functionality of your website. Visual design is a part of the functionality. Clever design is not just about how things look, it is about how the user feels about it. 

These days we are so used to cool looking things flashing at us, that we became more selective with what we choose to remember and pay attention to. 

When we learn about YOUR customer and YOUR user we can then create a design that will capture the eye and resonate with the emotions of YOUR users. 

Website design is not just a separate unit of your company. It is where all functional areas of a business meet and get translated into a language your user understands.

What is SSL Certificate and Does my website need one?2019-10-07T14:39:54+00:00

An SSL Certificate is like a security gate to your business. When you purchase an SSL certificate, the research company checks the references and approves that your business is what you say it is. When that is approved you also get data encryption which means that when your customer puts any data into your website on his/hers computer it gets ‘scrambled” on its way to the server where your website is.Then, when it is there, it gets “descrambled”. That way no one can access your clients’ personal details on the way to the server. 

If your website requires any type of personal information from the customer you definitely need to have an SSL certificate. If you don’t ask for any details it would still make sense to get it for 2 reasons: 

Trust. Most browsers will warn the person landing on a website if it is secure or not. When someone sees a “Not secure” statement they instantly lose trust in the website. That is even before they decide to put any personal details in. It is purely psychological, but it is true. 

It can have an effect on your Google ratings. Google prioritises websites with an SSL certificate and puts them higher up the ranks. 

You can check if you have an SSL Certificate by looking at the beginning of your website address.

What is Web Hosting and Why do I need to pay for it?2019-10-07T14:38:18+00:00

Website hosting is necessary for you to be able to have a website. It is as simple as if you want to build a house you need to purchase land for that house to sit on. Your website is stored on a server and when someone wants to access it they type in your URL and get redirected to that part of the server. The bigger your website, the more functions it has – the more space you need. Therefore, the cost of hosting increases. 

We run the very latest servers to keep high speeds & our systems are always kept up-to-date. If there are any issues we deal with the technicians and having all the techy-geeky talks. 

Hosting is something you have to pay for yearly. If you do not renew your hosting, your website will not have the “land” to sit on. 

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We completely understand that for people that are not in the IT business these concepts are unfamiliar and we are here to tell you all about it when you need it.

Does my website need updating?2019-10-07T14:36:05+00:00

As a business owner, sometimes you are so busy with other things that it is hard to notice that your website isn’t up to date anymore. So here are 10 signs to keep an eye out for!

Flash animation alert. Most browsers do not support flash anymore so people will most likely not see it anyways. Even if they do see it, it is considered to be very annoying these days. 

Your website loading time is too long. People are not used to waiting anymore. If they have to wait, they most likely will just leave the website and go somewhere else.

Mish-mash fonts and backgrounds. Old websites used to have smaller fonts, bright colors and backgrounds. This is not the case anymore. People prefer stylish and minimalistic designs. Pick a maximum of 2-3 fonts and colors for your whole website.

People can’t figure out what you do within the first 5 seconds after landing on your page. 

The link with your email address automatically opens Outlook. It puts people off these days. Best to have a contact form that is linked to your email. 

Your photos are outdated or used by many other websites. No comment here,\ as photos reflect on what you do. Even if they are just photos of you and your employees they can’t be 10 years old, even if back than you looked like a God/Goddess 

It is not responsive and does not look good on most of the popular devices. When we launch a website we always check how it looks on mobile, Windows and Mac (P.S. we even remember the times, when we just started out. We did not have a Mac and were running around our neighbours’ houses to see if they had one) 

No social media integration. Even if you do not update your Facebook and Instagram pages often (which you totally should), as a bare minimum you need to have a social media link button to your profile. Better if you have a live feed on there as well. 

Broken pages are a “No No” in 2019! There is simply no excuse for it. People get frustrated if the page they want to click on comes up with an Error

High bounce rate means that people see your website in search, but leave it very quickly because they simply do not like it. You can check your bounce rate once you have signed into your Google Analytics account


You can read more here https://www.instagram.com/p/B1_p8H6lvmk/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Can I have a one page website?2019-10-07T14:34:18+00:00

A one page website is your business card. This is a bare minimum requirement of a good online presence. Whether you are a computer geek or still figuring out how to use Facebook this is a MUST HAVE. We don’t just say it because this is what we get paid to do. We say it because not having a website can turn some potential customers away from you. One of the first things people do is checkout the website. These days if a business doesn’t have one, we naturally question ourselves, if we can trust this business. 

So even if you are just starting out, think about at least a one page simple website. Is it enough for a successful business? You are not going to like this answer, because IT DEPENDS. Depends on many various factors, such as the complexity of your business model. If you are an online shop, probably one page is not enough, however, if you are a local cake maker, dance teacher, etc. this will be plenty to start with. 

Now the important part of why you should hire someone to do this for you. If you only have one page to impress someone it has to be absolutely stunning. This is the priority of quality over quantity. The page has to be simple, yet modern and stylish, representing who you are, showing that your business has character. Whatever company you decide to go with, make sure that they understand you and your goals and are excited about it as much as you are.

How long does it take to build a website?2019-10-07T14:32:47+00:00

This question is probably one of the most common ones because once you realise you need a website, you need it ASAP. We get that, and that is why we put all our efforts into providing you with the best product possible in the shortest amount of time. On average we can make your website go live in 3-4 weeks. – Read more button 

However, there are several factors that need to be taken into account, like the nature of the website itself, its functionality, etc. The most important thing in creating a website quick is communication between us and the client. The more information you give us, the better we can do our job. We are easy to talk to via any means possible, so whether it is an official email or a conversation over a pint of beer – it all helps us in creating your perfect website.

How much does a website cost?2019-10-07T14:28:51+00:00

The reason why we don’t have any set prices is because building a website is more like building a house, rather than going shopping at a supermarket. It is the same as you would not ask a builder “How much for a house?”. Because he just would not be able to answer that.

Before we give you a price we need to know a lot more details. We need to know your business, your customer profile, your goals and wishes. Then and only then, we can get an idea of what we are going to do for you and how much it is going to cost. ⠀⠀

That is why we prefer to have a meeting with you and discuss all the possible opportunities to find the best and unique solution for your business. ⠀⠀

So if you are in two minds and don’t know where to start, give us a call or send us a message and we will arrange a free consultation for you.

Even if you are not planning to use one of our services, sign up to our business blog and get inspired!