How To Make Your Website


With the world suddenly going very digital, even the older generation is forced to use online products and services. It could be hard for them to get used to this and we need to be supportive and make them feel comfortable in this fast-paced world. If your business is targeting seniors, there are some things in your website design that you need to take into consideration:
✅ Try to avoid “sign up”
✅ Avoid moving features
✅ Make the website feel clear and calm
✅ Make sure you have a clear “help” section that is full of detailed explanations
✅ Increase the font size
✅ Make sure hypertexts easy to press
✅ Use different colors for visited and not visited pages
✅ Make an error message very clear (i.e. clearly stating what was wrong)
✅ Avoid changing design often. Build in a future-proof way to start with.
✅ Avoid using modern language (i.e. “pin”, “tweet”, etc. You could use “save”, “share” instead)
If you are not sure how to do all this – give us a shout and we will be able to guide you through and give you clear advice on what needs to be done on your website to improve usability.

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