How Much Does a Website Cost?

A website can cost anywhere from a few hundred pounds to upwards of 100 grand. 

Do not let a price tag deter you from creating a website. If you’re a one-man operation with zero budget, at least get a basic website that you can jazz up later when you have a better cash flow & steer clear of “self builders” get someone who knows what their doing so you can focus on your business.

Here’s what goes into the cost of a website:

  • Hosting –  This is the service or company providing space on the internet for your website. Hosting providers include GoDaddy, InMotion, and others. We recommend you use GoDaddy. Hosting is charged yearly and typically costs £7 per month.
  • Domain name – This is the, and is a yearly payment.
  • Design – Some designs are easier therefore cheaper, others cost more money, just like building anything.
  • Plugins and extensions – typically, the more plugins you want, the more expensive a website gets.
  • Complexity of design – The more customised your website is, the more expensive it is

The reason why we don’t have any set prices is because building a website is more like building a house, rather than going shopping to a supermarket. It is the same as you would not ask a builder “How much for a house?”. Because he just would not be able to answer that.

Before we give you a price we need to know a lot more details. We need to know your business, your customer profile, your goals and wishes. Then and only then, we can get an idea of what we are going to do for you and how much it is going to cost.

That is why we prefer to have a meeting with you first and discuss all the possible opportunities to find the best and unique solution for your business.

So if you are in two minds and don’t know where to start give us a call or send us a message and we will arrange a free consultation for you.