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Happy Tuesday, everyone! Do you know what the difference is between PR & MARKETING? 

To start with, PR is more like a category of marketing along with other things, like branding, analytics, market research, etc. 

Imagine you want to sell blueberry yoghurt. Your PR specialist will be running a campaign that would tell people about the natural fruit in your yoghurt. Your marketing specialist will sell yoghurt even to those who didn´t think of buying it in the first place. 

In other words, PR focuses on an overall image of a brand, product, company or person. Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. 

  •  PR focuses on publicity and media coverage, while marketing focuses on promotion, sales, and revenue. 
  •  PR is a marathon. Marketing often includes advertising, which is a sprint. 

A PR specialist´s workday may include:

  • Writing a press release about an upcoming product launch or a new company initiative
  • Pitching positive stories about upcoming company announcements to the media
  • Securing speaking opportunities for executives at industry events
  • Building relationships with the media and influencers in the industry
  • Managing and updating company messaging
  • Creating talking points and speaking to the press about a company crisis

On the same day, a marketing specialist may be:

  • Creating an advertising campaign for a new product
  • Buying advertising slots for that campaign on relevant media platforms
  • Creating supporting materials for product launches, like brochures, website landing pages, and FAQs for the sales team
  • Conducting industry and client research to help drive the direction of marketing campaigns
  • Drafting a weekly newsletter for clients

Which one should you invest in? 

Both. Because they have different goals and achieve slightly different things. PR can drive a marketing campaign along with other tools. 

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