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Here is some interesting information about cybersquatting. Yep! That’s a thing!
A domain is an address of your website, just like the address of your house. When you start a business you probably checked if this name already exists and if that is the case, you had to rethink it.
However, there are people that register Internet domains identical or similar to a third party company name or trademark, with bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a third party brand, or in the hope of reselling them at a profit. Some also do it to attract web traffic to unrelated commercial offers.
If this happened to your business, don’t panic! There is a thing called Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP). To win a UDRP dispute, you will need to prove:
✅ The domain is identical or confusingly similar to your trademark.
✅ The opposing party has no legitimate rights to the domain they have registered.
✅ The domain name has been used and registered in bad faith.
Also, cybersquatting should not be confused with domain investing – the purchase of domain names as a means of investment. A domain name can be used to generate revenue, or it can be resold profitably. The difference between the two is that domain investment is using common words, like “lease.com”. Often, the difference can lie in whether the word apple is being used to sell apples or computers.
If you have any issues with your domain name, give us a shout! We are here to help.

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