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We all know what e-commerce is, right? It is on the rise and having an online shop is as normal as having your contact details on a page. Taking current events into account, it is probably even more important.
mCommerce is mobile eCommerce and sales are expected to reach 54% of total eCommerce sales. Having a mobile shop is a little more than just making it look nice on your phone. The way people use a phone is different and to get them to buy from you, you need to adapt to that. It is not just about your store, it is about mobile payments, mobile banking, location-based services, augmented reality, mobile AI, chatbots, etc.
Here are some things to consider, when creating a mobile version of your store:
– Think about page speed. Yes, on mobile it has to be even faster.
– Mobile navigation needs to be considered. For example, the mobile menu can be located at the bottom of the screen, for easier access)
– Buttons need to be relatively big and accessible with your thumb.
– One-page checkout and integration of mobile wallets is everything
There are many other tricks behind a designer’s sleeve to create the perfect mobile shop. If you are stuck or would like to improve on what you’ve got, give us a shout! You can get a free consultation and decide what you want to do from then on.

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